Shipping: which countries do we ship to?

Currently, we ship to the Contiguous United States and a few other countries. Please refer the shipping information of the product page for accurate details

What is our returns policy

We accept returns. Please refer the returns information of each product page for accurate details

Are all products vegan certified?

While there are many products in our store that are vegan certified, not all products are certified vegan. They could either be labeled as vegan or claim to be or accidentally be vegan. We thoroughly check the ingredients / composition of all products to make sure they qualify to be vegan. If it’s certified vegan this will be mentioned on the product page. The only ingredient that you may find arguable would be sugar in certain products in which case we would be highlighting that in CAPITAL on the product page. Check the answer below to know why we don’t fret over sugar.  

What’s our take on sugar (where the product label doesn’t say how sugar was processed) and natural flavor?

While this answer by no means an offense to our fellow vegans who want to go to the extent of checking what type of sugar being used (whether it’s unrefined, organic, raw, refined, or processed with bone char or not) or the type of natural flavor being used (whether it’s sourced from animals), our general view on sugar & natural flavor is in line with our take on veganism as defined by the Vegan Society: “veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable”. We believe such an approach to veganism would appeal to the masses to try a vegan lifestyle which as a result would save many animals and would help heal our planet. Do note that unrefined, organic, and raw sugar is vegan. With regard to natural flavors, most are plant-based, but it’s quite difficult to know the sources of these flavors since they can be proprietary & confidential. So yes, you may find some products with sugar & natural flavor. The ingredients of all the products which are not certified vegan will be examined carefully by us before listing. Guaranteed, these two are the only arguable ingredients you will find in some of the products in our store. You will never find ingredients such as dairy (including stuff like whey, butter, sodium caseinate), eggs, honey, gelatin, carmine or any such ingredients where the sources are unambiguous and derived from animals. All products will have their ingredients list shown in the image gallery and product page for your reference.    

The searched product is not available

If the vegan product you’re seeking is not available please let us know via live chat or contact us page. We will do our best to add it and inform you as soon as possible!

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept PayPal, Visa, Master, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club cards

Is my online payment secured?

We use well-regulated internet payment gateways for all your transactions where both PayPal & Stripe are PCI DSS (payment card industry data security standard) compliant. Stripe is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. Your personal data is highly secured with end-to-end encryption.

How to contact us?

You may use our live chat or contact us page