A Vegan Store From Vegans to All Who Love Vegan Food to Vegan Clothing and Everything in Between!
“For the Lovers of Animals, Health, and the Planet!”

It all began with me seeing a truck full of chickens crammed into containers waiting for their fate…which was a light-bulb moment for me to become a vegetarian initially and then a vegan later after knowing the nature of the dairy industry. The transformation led me to create a site with vegan content and this store.

A store from vegans to all who love vegan food to vegan clothing and everything in between! Yes, for all things vegan in one place!

We’ve done the homework for you, so that you don’t have to brain strain with big eyes reading all the ingredients or asking questions from the retailers to make sure it’s vegan. Whether it’s food, clothing, or accessories you can now shop with peace of mind knowing nothing goes against your vegan values.

Curious to know what’s behind the name “Vegan Universal”? Well, we believe the philosophy behind veganism is universal (right to life), simple as that!

Wonder why our theme has black & white being a vegan store? The decision to ditch animal products was as clear as black & white and we believe a vegan shines like a white star in a dark universe!

All in all, veganism is about animals, health and the environment

We give back!

From the outset, it was obvious that we have to give back. After all, it’s not complete what we do without giving back to what we stand for. 10% of our profits go to vegan causes / charities which add value to your purchasing!

We welcome everyone curious or interested in everything the vegan lifestyle has to offer striving towards a kinder world and a healthy future for all!

Interested in knowing more about veganism? Here are few articles from our blog:

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